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Pink Granite.    1968, watercolor. 20.8 x 28.1 inches.



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This website is designed to:

  • Display Mark Potter works, some previously unseen;

  • Introduce selections of his notes, sketches and studies as content-rich original source materials from the Sketchbooks that informed his creative process;

  • Show how his painting was enhanced by his teaching and vice versa.

  • Allow  access via the navigation menu or the arrow at the bottom of each page.

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Mark Potter's work:  


  • View works including paintings, drawings boxes.
  • (Double) click any image for full-screen slideshow.
  • Captions display on Mouseover (Hover).

About the Man:  

BIOGRAPHY and TEACHER pages include:

  • Links to additional content including photos;
  • Video clips:  Potter teaching Art History class;  Potter in the Art Room and Adirondacks.

How Mark Potter worked:   

  • NOTES AND WRITINGS page: There, find links to PDFs of Potter's unedited notes-- as instructions to himself or students - accompanied by images offering fresh insights into Potter's creative process.
  • SKETCHES~STUDIES~DEMOS page:  samples from Potter's Sketchbooks, Studies, Classroom Demos.

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CONTACT page includes:  Credits, Permissions, "Where are they?" 

LINKS page includes:  

  • Index, by genre, of all framed works displayed on site; the Index includes metadata for these works.
  • News of Potter's exhibits and more.

Accessing features on each page:

  • (Double) click most images for full-screen image or slideshow of images.
  • Gallery images  display captions in Slideshow single images , a few display captions on hover. (mouseover)

Additional materials available:

  • Access to Potter's sketches, works, press, letters, etc. - is available to scholars on request. 

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